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Things to do on Mother’s Day in Boston

Things to do on Mother’s Day in Boston

If you have yet to pay attention, Mother’s Day is this weekend. Don’t worry, we have you covered with some of the best things to do in Boston for Mother’s Day weekend. If you live in Boston or the surrounding communities or plan to visit the city for the holiday weekend, this is the right blog for you. 

Boston offers many activities every weekend but Mother’s Day is no ordinary weekend. We spend Mother’s Day reflecting on how lucky we are to have our moms in our lives and what better way to do that than take your mom to the city?

Things to do with Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day weekend, normally one of the first warm spring weekends of the year, is always well spent outside. If you enjoy being outdoors, you can visit one of Boston’s numerous breweries or outdoor bars. Each location has its own unique charm but some favorites are the Tall Ship in East Boston, Cisco Brewers in Seaport, and the numerous Trillium locations around the city. Mom may also want to pair a drink with some food. Look no further than Da Vinci and Waltham. Da Vinci is a short drive outside the city, nestled on Waltham’s historic Moody Street. Da Vinci is one of Boston’s best Italian fusion restaurants, blending the flavors of Italy and India to create some magical dishes.

Things to do with Kids on Mother’s Day

Don’t worry, having kids is not going to ruin your Mother’s Day plans. Include your little ones and plan the day around spending time together as a family. Some of Boston’s best attractions are kid-friendly and adult-approved. Visit any one of Boston’s numerous museums on Mother’s Day. The Boston Children’s Museum is a family favorite that is guaranteed to provide joy for everyone. Or jumbo on one of Boston’s historic dunk boat tours that guides you around the city and Charles River for breathtaking views and fun.

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Join Da Vinci Waltham for Mother’s Day 

Da Vinci Waltham, nestled on Waltham’s historic Moody Street, is one of Boston’s best Italian restaurants, serving many classic dishes along with out fusion twist on many favorites. We have been serving the greater Boston community for many years and look forward to seeing you and your family on Mother’s Day for our special meal service. At Da Vinci, every day is Mother’s Day and we strive to not only serve the best food but provide the best service. To learn more about Da Vinci or book a reservation with us, please contact us at 781-472-2628

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